AP0 Target Hall

The AP0 building servived as the antiproton target hall of the antiproton source for the proton-antiproton collider Tevatron, which ended its operation in Octobe 2011. The target station is now converted as the muon source for the Muon g-2 experiment.

The protons are steered into a fixed Inconel target, creating different types of particles. The target is rotated between beam pulses to spread the depletion and damage uniformly around its circumference. The shower of secondary particles was focused by a pulsed high current lithium lens that can produce up to 1000 T/m gradient. Downstream of the lens is a pulsed dipole magnet, which steer the positive pions into the muon transfer line/delivery ring where the pions decay into muons.

TSD provides the mechanical support for the devices in the target vault, and maintains the cooling systems of these devices.

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