The MI-8 building servived as the access and support building for the Main Injector underground enclosure at the 8 GeV injection point. It is now the main service building for building and testing the target system devices for the neutrino and muon experiments.

MI-8 houses various machines used to build and test the targets and horns including advanced tools like a CNC circumferential TIG welder, horn test stand and 3D printers. Finished components are transported from MI-8 to MI-65 and lowered into the Target Hall chase, shown below:

CNC TIG Circumferential Welder

The horn inner conductor is 3 m long, and is welded with 6-7 aluminum segments with the in-house CNC (Computer Numerical Control) circumferential TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding system. The lathe consists of a powered headstock and a manually adjustable pneumatic tailstock. A sidebeam track and non-powered carriage provide the mounts for holding and positioning the weld head. Headstock rotation and welding process sequencing are controlled by the microprocessor controller, which can be set to control multi-pass welding and can be programmed to control up to 25 sequential weld passes, each pass can use entirely different parameters.
NuMI Horn2 on CNC TIG welder
Horn2 on test stand

Horn testing prior to installation

Horn pulse test stand provides electrical current pulse and cooling for testing of completed horns.
  • Utilized for horn QA verification of fabrication and assembly through a test period of 100,000 pulses and subsequent magnetic field mapping QA to assure meeting magnetic field uniformity requirements;
  • 200 kA peak current with pulse width of 850 usec;
  • typical test cycle times of 1.33 sec and 1.89 sec.

NOvA target under fabrication

NOvA target produces secondary pions through proton beam interactions with graphite target fins.
  • The target material is graphite, type ZXF-5Q (POCO Graphite), density 1.78 g/cm3;
  • The target is water cooled and is contained in an aluminum vacuum can with beryllium windows;
  • It is designed to operate at 700 kW incident proton beam power, 1.33 sec cycle time, 4.9E13 protons per pulse, to produce neutrino spectrum peak at ~ 2.5 GeV.
NOvA target carrier assembly
Remote handling system

Mu2e target remote handling system

The Mu2e pion production target is mounted from a low-mass support structure with spring-loaded clamps and handling lugs that form part of the remote handling system.
Disposable interface tooling

The remote handling system incorporates a cask, a disposable interface tooling, contamination-containment box that the target is pulled back into, a long arm to reach out 13' to target, arm end de-coupling system, kinematic mounts, and X-Y-Z servo positioning axes plus pneumatic motions.

3D printers

3-D printers are used to produce parts used in target systems. Works with numerous materials, including Clay, Plasticine, Sugru, Silicone RTV, porcelain, ABS, PLA, Nylon, NinjaFlex, FilaFlex and more.
Mini robot
Micro camera mount
HYDREL 3D/System 10M
Ultimaker 2+