• The Target Systems Department designs, constructs, and operates high-intensity target facilities and their associated systems and components at Fermilab.

      All present accelerator-based experiments at Fermilab use targets. TSD integrates the phases and functions of high-intensity target system facilities, currently NuMI, BNB, and Muon g-2, in the near future Mu2e, PIP-II and eventually LBNF/DUNE, and other future experiments.

      TSD is the repository of knowledge for specialized devices such as targets, horns, lenses, windows, absorbers, collimators, shield piles, and remote handling and disposal of radioactive components.

      TSD MARS group provides modeling and simulation expertise of beam-induced radiation and energy deposition to all Fermilab accelerator-based projects, closely related to the Fermilab accelerator complex operations, improvements and upgrades. This group develops parallel processor capabilities for advanced scientific simulations, maintains MARS code and corresponding software tools, and provides assistance to the users of these tools in the US and foreign community.

  • TSD conducts fundamental and applied research and development to build and maintain expertise in target-related technologies as a core competency for experiments and facilities making use of high-intensity, high-energy particle beams.
      High-intensity fixed-target facilities provide unique challenges. The beam components must be able to withstand high-power proton beams, which cause stresses, heating and eventually radiation damage and corrosion of materials. Future facilities at Fermilab, particularly as beam powers increase, will be possible only with advances in the technologies and materials of targets and other devices within the target facility. The High-Power Targetry program RaDIATE Collaboration will address these challenges through focused research and development.

Current target systems in operation

Facility Current Experiment Former Experiment Future Experiment
NuMI neutrino beamline NOvA at 700 kW MINOS NOvA at 1 MW
BNB target system ANNIE /ICARUS /MicroBooNE MiniBooNE SB-ND
Muon g-2 target system Muon g-2 Antiptoton source for Tevatron N/A
Project in design phase TSD Responsibilities
Mu2e target station Target nested in pion production solenoid, target remote handling, vacuum systems
NuMI Megawatt Upgrade NuMI target facility upgrade for increased beam power from 700 KW to 1MW
SBN target station BNB target station upgrade for increased focusing efficiency and increased beam pulse rate
PIP-II Transfer line collimator and beam absorber
LBNF neutrino beamline Target, horns, decay pipe, beam monitor, absorber, and target hall, etc.