Device In Operation Spares
NuMI target TA-03, installed during 2018 summer shutdown TA-04 95% complete. Last 700 kW target
TA-05 80% complete. Will be first 1 MW target design, planned for installation in 2019 shutdown
TA-06,07,08,09 procurements in progress
NuMI horn 1 PH1-03 PH1-05 ready 700 kW spare, Planned upgrade to 1 MW capability
PH1-06, 07 procurements in progress, Planned upgrade to 1 MW capability
NuMI horn 2 PH2-02 PH2-03 ready 1 MW capable spare
PH2-04 ready 1 MW capable spare
PH2-05 procurements in progress
Stripline block SLB-?? SLB-08 ready spare
SLB-09 procurements in progress
SLB-10 procurements in progress
BNB horn BNB-3 BNB-4 tested, in final outfitting
BNB-5 started early procurements
Muon g-2 target Target #19 Target #15 ready spare, but wih older style (cylinder-type cooling)
Target #20 & #21 ball-type cooling, procurement in progress
Muon g-2 lithium lens 10mm #11 10mm #8 ready spare tested in Dec. 2010, but with an externally cooled transformer
10mm #1 used in May 2007, passed Hi-pot in November 2018
#32 Steel body type, was working when replaced with a diffusion-bonded lens
Muon g-2 pulsed magnet PMag #11 PMag #9 ready spare tested in Oct. 2005
PMag #13 ready spare tested in June 2010

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